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We are a practice of certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) that offers full-scope midwifery services to patients in Raleigh and the greater Triangle area. We provide primary care for women across their lifespan from adolescence through menopause, with a special emphasis on pregnancy, childbirth, and gynecologic and reproductive health. We serve our patients utilizing the very best, evidence-based models of wellness care, which includes individualized and holistic birth experiences among other
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5 Tips for a Positive Birth Experience

While labor and childbirth can be intense or even painful, there’s no reason your birth experience has to be a negative one. In fact, we believe that birth can be a positive experience when approached with the right mindset.  Pregnancy…

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10 Things To Know About Postpartum Recovery

While you can’t know exactly how you’ll feel after childbirth, postpartum recovery shouldn’t be a mystery. You will experience things in your own unique way, but while you’re recovering after having a baby, the following information may be helpful.  1.…

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