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Pain Management Options for Labor

  If you’re expecting, you’ve likely thought about the labor process and want to make sure you are well-prepared for when that day comes. Something important you must consider is how you are going to manage pain when giving birth. ...Pain Management Options for Labor

Breastfeeding Basics

If you’re new to breastfeeding, you may be overwhelmed. The good news is that once you get the hang of it and understand how it works, it becomes far more manageable. You may even enjoy it and get great satisfaction ...Breastfeeding Basics

Hospital Bag Packing List

As you get closer to your due date, it’s a good idea to start thinking about your hospital bag. Your hospital bag will be filled with the various items you need for before, during, and after you give birth. So, ...Hospital Bag Packing List

6 Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness

For many women, morning sickness is one of the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, especially early on. It can disrupt your routine and interfere with daily activities like going to work, taking care of your children, household chores, and ...6 Ways to Relieve Morning Sickness

10 Key Nutrients Breastfeeding Moms Need in Their Diets

The days and months after you give birth can be overwhelming. After all, you’re suddenly responsible for the needs of a tiny human being that is 100% dependent on you while you are simultaneously trying to recover from childbirth and ...10 Key Nutrients Breastfeeding Moms Need in Their Diets

Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin

We all need to have a healthy level of vitamins and other nutrients in our system to be at our best. However, pregnancy increases the need for some of these nutrients, both for the development of the fetus and the ...Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin

What’s the Difference Between a Midwife and Doula?

Often mistaken for one another, midwives and doulas each have their own role as part of a woman’s labor and delivery team. What doulas and midwives have in common is a commitment to providing support throughout pregnancy and the birthing ...What’s the Difference Between a Midwife and Doula?

6 Reasons to Consider Using a Midwife

Women today are learning more and more about their healthcare options, especially when it comes to prenatal and childbirth care. Many women are now deciding to include a midwife in their care plan. Midwives can work with you and your ...6 Reasons to Consider Using a Midwife

Benefits of Collaborative Pregnancy Care

When you do research on the benefits of working with a midwife, you will probably see the phrase “collaborative model” or “collaborative care” multiple times. And there is a good reason for this. Midwives, like the ones at City of ...Benefits of Collaborative Pregnancy Care

17 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Midwife

Choosing a midwife for your child’s birth is a deeply personal decision that should be made by both you and your partner. Midwives have an amazing capability to create an air of calmness while providing medical services as trained professionals. ...17 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Midwife


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