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11 Gift Ideas for New Moms

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If a friend or family member is expecting a baby or has just had one, you might be wondering what you can do to help make their life easier. There are a lot of little things you can do that will make a big difference, but if you want to go a little further, consider these gift ideas for new moms.

1. Photo Book Gift Card

These days, one of the easiest ways to create physical photo albums and scrapbooks is by using an online photo book service. Mom or dad can upload digital pictures from their phones or cameras and quickly create a keepsake photo book.

2. Pajamas, Robe, and Slippers

A new mom will probably spend a lot of time in pajamas or loungewear. Comfort is key, but gifting her a nice set of pajamas and a new robe may make her feel a little more put together even if she’s not dressed to go out. New slippers that are luxurious and comfortable are also a nice touch.

3. Food Delivery or Gift Cards for Takeout

Often, the last thing a new parent wants to think about is cooking. But, everyone has to eat, especially if she is breastfeeding or there are other children in the house. Arrange a meal delivery for the family or give them gift cards they can use to order take out and delivery.

4. Photo Frames

There are probably going to be a treasure trove of pictures of the new baby, so give her a place to put some. Pick out some nice frames in different sizes so the proud parents can show off their precious little ones.

5. Mommy & Baby Classes

Find a class that mom and baby can do together. There are special mommy and me yoga classes, gym classes, stroller strides, and even stroller barre classes available. Get her a class package or a membership. It can be difficult to find classes for newborns but don’t be afraid to look ahead to when the baby is six months or so.

6. Coffee

If you want gift ideas for new moms who might need a pick-me-up, think about giving her some of her favorite coffee or a gift card to the local coffee shop. 

7. House Cleaning

Sometimes even the neatest people let the cleaning go by the wayside when caring for a new baby. You can offer to hire a cleaning service to come and vacuum, mop, and clean the bathrooms and kitchen while she tends to the baby or runs errands. 

8. Professional Photo Shoot

Pretty much everyone who has a smartphone has a decent camera they can use anytime. However, that doesn’t mean a photoshoot with a professional photographer wouldn’t be appreciated. Gift mom a session that will capture the entire family in their best light.

9. Personalized Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for gift ideas for new moms and want to give something personal, try putting together a gift basket full of the things you know she loves. Favorite treats, magazines, movies, books, beauty products are all great things to include. Or, if you’re a parent as well, give her a basket full of the baby products you’ve found most useful.

10. Gift Cards for Digital Streaming

You might not think a new mom will have time to watch TV, but she’s likely going to spend a lot of time nursing (and hopefully resting!) for a while. Some women like to have something fun to watch onscreen as they feed the baby and do other household tasks. Consider giving an online gift card so she can rent or buy digital movies and TV shows from Amazon or Apple. Some streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have gift cards that will cover different subscriptions.

11. Time

It may seem cliche, but one of the most valuable things to a new mother is time. Offer to help her with errands, meal prep, laundry, or cleaning. Or take over baby duty for a while so she can get in a shower or nap. Or simply provide some companionship. If she’s at home alone with the baby for long periods of time, having an adult around to talk to and share with can be a gift in itself.

At City of Oaks Midwifery, we give comprehensive care to women before, during, and after pregnancy. We follow the philosophy of the American College of Nurse-Midwives and believe life-cycle events like pregnancy are natural and should be respected as such. Therefore, we are dedicated to caring for the entire woman rather than treating a condition. We want your transition into motherhood to be as smooth as possible, and these gift ideas for new moms might help. But, if you need further guidance, call us at (919) 351-8253 to make an appointment. 

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